At St Mary of the Angels, we provide an inclusive program that develops students' leadership, feedback skills and teamwork through a variety of movement contexts. Our focus is centred on teaching students through and about movement. We aim to have all students involved, active, and enjoying themselves regardless of the selected activities. Through our health program, students are exposed to skills that equip them with tools to support their health and well-being beyond school.

Here at St Mary of the Angels, students in Years 7-9 have three lessons a week in Health & Physical Education. On top of this, students can select additional electives throughout Year 9.

From Year 10, Health and Physical Education (PE) becomes an elective with options for a mainstream class and an additional exercise science course as a pathway for aspirant VCE students.

In students' senior years, VCE Units 1-4 Physical Education and VCE Units 1-4 Health and Human Development are offered.

Outdoor & Environmental Studies is offered at various levels throughout middle and senior school years. In Year 9, students can begin their knowledge of relationships with environments through the Outdoor Adventures elective. In VCE, students can complete VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies Units 1-4, where they will develop a deeper knowledge of relationships in outdoor environments, the factors that affect these experiences and how they can maintain sustainable and healthy interactions with outdoor settings.