At St Mary of the Angels we are proudly Catholic. We believe that every person can learn about religion and if people have the desire, they can learn how to be religious in a particular way. All students study Religious Education from Year 7 to Year 12 and we look forward to offering your child the opportunity to share and develop their perspective on matters of faith and belief. It is important to remember that Religious Education does not presuppose that the students have Christian faith, but all students have their own way in which they are seeking meaning in their lives. Religious Education can be a valuable support in each person’s quest for meaning.

Religious Education at St Mary of the Angels is guided by the Source of Life Curriculum developed by Catholic Education Sandhurst Ltd. The aim of the Religious Education program is to aid students in their understanding and knowledge of religion and to foster personal spiritual development. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to enter into dialogue with different religious traditions, denominations and spiritualties, embracing the spirit of hospitality. We study the story of Jesus and how it continues to unfold in contemporary Australia and global society. Ultimately, Religious Education challenges and inspires our students to adopt a spirit of service to others, respect for the dignity of all of God’s creation, and engage in the story of our patron, Saint Francis of Assisi.